Who is Mira?

Our story......

Miriam and I looked at each other the other day and said oh my god! It's been 16 years! How the time has flown by....

We met at a mere 18 and 20 years old when our hairdressing schools sent us to a North Vancouver salon to work as apprentices while building our clientele. We spent a couple years passing foils, shampooing, and doing late night cut and colour classes before we earned the right to occupy cutting chairs side by side. We've been side by side ever since. When it was time to shift salons we looked for a space that could rent to the two of us. It seemed like a natural progression when we got the opportunity a few years later to start Mira. When it came to starting up the business we were warned so often that partnerships never last. Many had an expiration date of three years ( so our lawyer said) We were 23 and 25 committing to a ten year lease. I remember thinking at that time, wow, what is life going to look like at 35, and what experiences will fill those ten years??

In those ten years Mira has channelled so many great people through the doors both clients and co-workers. The fact that our chairs have been together so long has meant that a lot of the clients have become familiar with each other over the years as well. It's been a great meeting place that has that sense of camaraderie and community. It's been a pleasure to be a part of a partnership that is truly supportive. It's not easy as entrepreneur's to build family's and pursue passion's but we've been able to support each other through maternity leaves and continued education while still building at thriving business. We proved that partnerships can survive. Like any marriage it takes work, honest communication and respect.



I knew from an early age that this was my calling. I started hairdressing in High School and apprenticed in North Vancouver after that. I thrive best in a collaborative environment and strive to build relationships that inspire personal growth. I believe it is the little changes that can have the biggest impact. Incorporating daily rituals, healthy lifestyle choices and having that sense of connection are the keys to sustainable happiness. I feel incredibly fortunate to have like –minded clients that inspire me to be my personal best. For me, that means creating fantastic new looks that are fashion forward, at the same time being suitable and manageable for the individual


I grew up passing perm rods to my grandma and sweeping hair for my mom on the weekends. Doing hair is part of my DNA. At 18 I moved from Kelowna to the "Big City" to further my training at London School of Hairdressing.

I consider myself the ever- evolving artist. In addition to master level hair-design classes I draw from all aspects of art to advance my craft. I obtained my Certification in Fashion Design to enhance my ability to collaborate with my clients to build on-trend looks that truly reflect who they are. I believe that looking great empowers self confidence. Helping people love the way they look is one of the most gratifying part of my work.